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Highlights Of Chinese History



589-618 CE

Sui Dynasty
North conquers south and unites China. The Grand Canal is built. The capital is established at Changan.
618-907 CE

Tang Dynasty
Scholarship and the Arts flouish. Gunpowder invented. Block (movable type) printing is invented. The silk road trade to Europe thrives.
907-960 CE

Five Dynasties (North) and Ten Kingdoms (South)
A period of war and fragmentation as North and South divides into smaller kingdoms.
960-1279 CE

Song Dynasty
High culture develops. Painting, Poetry, Calligraphy becomes mainstream. Military powers decline. The invention of the compass. The Jin invade the North, the Song moves capital from Kaifeng to Hangzhou.
960-1127 CE

Northern Song
1127-1279 CE

Southern Song
1279-1368 CE

Yuan Dynasty (Mongol)
Kublai Khan conquers China. A new capital is established at Peking (Beijing) and the Grand Canal is extended to supply the capital. Marco Polo serves Khan in China.
1360 CE   Zhang Sanfeng (Chang Sanfeng) travels to Wudang Mountains is generally credited with inventing the 13 postures of Taijiquan (T'ai Chi Ch'uan)
1368-1644 CE

Ming Dynasty
Mongols are defeated. Strong Emperors bring about a very prosperous era. Building of the Forbidden City and Imperial Tombs. Arrival of Jesuits. Changan city changes it's name to Xian.
1644-1911 CE

Qing(Ching) Dynasty (Manchu)
Han People are subjugated by the Manchus. The neglected Forbidden City is restored and the Summer Palace is rebuilt.
1839-1842 CE Foreign trade pressures leads to the Opium War.
1850-1864 CE Taiping Rebellion in the south, Anti-Qing revolt is inspired by mixture of Chinese and Christian ideas.
1858-1860 CE Anglo-French invasions at Canton, Tianjin. Foreign troops destroy the Summer Palace near Peking.
1894-95 CE Sino-Japanese War. Japan dominates Korea and Taiwan
1900 CE Anti-foreign Boxer Rebellion is suppressed by foreign troops. Qing court flees and Westerners occupy Peking.
1911-1949 CE

Republic of
1911 Revolution. China attempted deomocratic government.
1912 CE Sun Yat-Sen briefly serves as China's first president. Kuomintang (KMT) or Nationalist party is formed.
1916 CE Warlord period begins.
1921 CE Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is founded)
1926-27 CE Joint KMT-CCP expedition against warlords has limited success, but causes a hostile division of the country.
1934-35 CE Long march of the Communists to the northwest.
1937-1945 CE Second Sino-Japanese War. KMT is led by Chian Kai-shek. American military aids during the World War II. Japan surrenders.
1946-49 CE Civil war errupts between the KMT and the Communist Party (CCP).
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