William Shakespeare, Sonnets

Life goes on Strongholds of Life Posperity Thrifty Loveliness
Sonnet I : Life goes on Sonnet II : Strongholds of Life Sonnet III : Posterity Sonnet IV : Thrifty Loveliness
The Cycle Inside Power Beat the Time Don't Fight Love
Sonnet V : The Cycle Sonnet VI : Inside Power Sonnet VII : Beat the Time Sonnet VIII : Don't Fight Love
Isolation Bad Habits Memory II Clocks
Sonnet IX : Isolation Sonnet X : Bad Habits Sonnet XI : Dreamland Sonnet XII : Clocks
Beauty is eternal Eyes' Astronomy Art fights Time Time wins
Sonnet XIII : Beauty is eternal Sonnet XIV : Eyes' Astronomy Sonnet XV : Art fights Time Sonnet XVI : Time wins
Art Deceives About Her Art Tricks Time Friends II
Sonnet XVII : Art Deceives Sonnet XVIII : About Her Sonnet XIX : Art Tricks Time Sonnet XX : Friends II
Pier The Woman Woman III Us
Sonnet XXII : Pier
Sonnet XXXVII : The Woman Sonnet XLIII : Woman III Sonnet XLV : Us