Recipes Drinks W. Kandinsky, Composition IV, 1911


(from German “Gluhende Wein” – hot wine, sometimes called mulled wine)


red dry wine (shiraz, chianti) – 0.75l
lemons – 2
cinnamon – 1 stick
nutmeg – 1 (better crashed)
cloves – 5-6
brandy (or rum or whiskey or vodka, but brandy is the best) – about half a cup.
  1. Warm the wine, don’t let it boil. If it starts boiling make the fire smaller or take the wine off the fire.
  2. Cut the lemons to quarters, squeeze them into the wine, throw the lemons in.
  3. Put in the rest of spices.
  4. Add honey and stir. Taste. Repeat the process until you are satisfied with sweetness of the product.
  5. Add brandy.
  6. Let it stay in thermos a couple of hours.
  7. Enjoy.


* Cooking book (in Russian)
* The wineman
* Lisashea

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