Education W. Kandinsky, Composition VI, 1913


History Science

Computer Science Computer Science

Dictionaries Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Languages Languages

History History


* MegaMath
for kids and adults
* Math and Science gateway for K-12 (Cornell University)
* Abstract Algebra Online
* The Integrator--From Wolfram Research
Solves any integrals
* Mathematics (Science)
* Preface
* Graph Theory Tutorials
* Mathematics Archives - Lessons and Tutorials
* Math Department of Haifa University
* CS Department of Haifa University


* eNature
* BBC : Nature
* Animal Diversity
* Smithsonian Institution : Human Origins Program


* University of Oregon Virtual Laboratory
Java, frames
* University of California-Berkeley
* How Things Work--Physics in Everyday Life


* Personality Theories
* Temperament Types


* Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
* The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
* A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
* Baruch Spinoza
* Philosophy Pages
* a Dedication to Spinoza's insights
* Studia Spinoziana
* Baruch Spinoza at Jewish encyclopedia
* Annotated Spinoziana


* Ludwig von Mises Institute
* Libertarian Papers
* Investor Education University
On line courses for mutual funds investors
* WebEC
On line economic resources
* Quantitative Macroeconomics and Real Business Cycle
* Liberty Haven : Economic History
Collection of articles


* UNESCO : World Heritage
* Great Buildings
* Renaissance and Baroque Architecture
Architectural History 102
* Asian Historical Architecture
* Gaudi Central


* Family Education Network
* Parenting Adolescents
* Early Childhood Learning Kit
* Parent Soup

Universities and Colleges

* Go College
Colleges, Scolarships and other useful information for collegiates
* College and University Homepages
* CollegeSelect
interactive college selection site
* .edu
* Computer Science Departments

Virtual Schools

* DSpace : MIT Research in digital form
* Open Course Ware
Courses collection from MIT
* Autodidact
Free learning portal
* In Hebrew
* World Lecture Hall
University and college course content over the Web
* Open University of Catalonia
A virtual university
* Global Schoolnet Foundation
* Education Place
Math Center, a Reading/Language Arts Center, and a Social Studies


* Ask an Expert
Over 200 services. Assembled with teachers in mind
* Ask Eric
* The Virtual Reference Desk


* Mind Tools
* Mnemonics site in russian

Systematic approach

* The Invention of Knowledge
* Macroscope


* All National Flags
* Map Collection
University of Texas at Austin, Library
* Atlapedia
Countries Information

Jewish Education

* Jewish Encyclopedia
* Jewish Zionist Education
A Department of Jewish Agency for Israel

Unclassified sites

* National Academy of Arts
* WikiHow
The How-To Manual That Anyone Can Write or Edit
* Color Matters
* Newton Project
All works of Isaak Newton
* How stuff works
* Biology4All
* Internet Resources for Classical Studies
East Carolina University
* Nobel Prizes
* Art of Speech
* Educational Object Economy
a collection of pointers to over 1,000 educationally Java-based learning objects available on the web
* The Elements of Style Online
this guide will benefit anyone who wishes to write clarity and precision
* English Server of CMU
Papers on fine arts(philosophy, economics, languages, history...)
* Law School On-line
* Kennedy School of Government at Harvard
* Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth
Johns Hopins University
* Automotive Learning On-line
teaching the components and workings of automotive systems : braking, electrical, cooling, exhaust, fuel, suspension, drivetrain, AC/heat, engine, and exterior/body

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